Comic number 19. Honestly Timmy, I'm disappointed. Allowing your troops to kill each other is strategically unwise.
Comic number 18. Many things have happened, but finally there is a new comic. The next one should follow with greater speed.
Comic number 17. I have redrawn every panel on this page at least once...anyone claiming that perfectionism is a good thing will die by my hand this day...
Comic number 16. The real question is how did Jaws not set the bush on fire with that torch...?
Comic number 15. Eh...war has probably been declared for worse reasons...
Comic number 14. Because it was the only cheerful song Kesia or I knew...
Comic number 13. Court shows are one of those things that can only truly be enjoyed while out of your mind with a fever.
Comic number 12. If you're thinking what a waste of pizza that was it had anchovies on it, and who the hell likes anchovies?
Comic number 11. 4th panel...the lightning looks like tree branches. Oops.
Comic number 10. I would consider this a milestone or something of that sort, but all I can think is "Why has it taken so long to get here?"...On a similar note at least this one took less than two months to complete...
Comic number 9 has given me cuprolaminophobia. Years from now I will still wake up screaming in the night from a dream of drowning in a sea of pennies.